DLG Developer Update - November

By: Kenneth Popay,


We’re launching a blog so that we can deliver more content to our fantastic users outside of our app, in a format that everyone can enjoy.

Part of this will be some updates from the development team as we share some insight into what we’re getting up to.

Designs are through for the app

We’ve got some exciting features and updates coming to DLG Inventory & Spells app over the next couple of months. This will bring brand new functionality to the application and will provide even more functionality to the Goblin Guild subscription.

We’re closing in on updating DLG Quartermaster

DLG Quartermaster is getting an exciting refresh behind the scenes, while this will include a minimal facelift, it’ll completely change how we develop the application.

Calls for Fundraising

The products we provide at Dirty Little Goblins can’t run forever for free. This year we introduced our premium subscription so we can keep the lights on and this is the best way to support us. We’re actively looking for fundraising opportunities, so please reach out at if someone shared this post with you!

Let us know what you’d like to hear about next!