For Dungeon Masters

Be on the same page as your players

Have total control over your campaigns with the
DLG Quartermaster web app

  • Create and manage your campaigns
  • See your players’ data including inventory and coins
  • Lookup Spells and Items in an instant

For Players

Your characters at your fingertips

Level up your experience with DLG Player

  • Create characters
  • Track spells
  • Manage your inventory

All of your fifth edition D&D needs in one place. Connect with
DLG Quartermaster web app to share all of your spells, stats and stuff.

Who are these little goblins?

Product managers and engineers by day, elves and halflings by night.

We are Dirty Little Goblins, a group of D&D enthusiasts in Liverpool, UK. For years, we were using pen and paper to take notes during the game. Then it struck, what if all that data was available in one app, powerful yet extremely easy to use and our DMs could access it live?

Our D&D 5e Inventory and Spells app is already being used in over 100 countries, with nearly a million app launches. We’re working on extending functionality to cover everything that is needed for a great D&D campaign. Whilst still playing ourselves, our goal is to build the best unofficial tools for Dungeons and Dragons players and their Dungeon Masters.